Randa Ghossoub:
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Randa Ghossoub:

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Randa Ghossoub:
Le talent pour seul bagage

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Randa Ghossoub:
A most unique Jazz singer. Quite different from all the other Jazz singers in the Western hemisphere. Thanks to her multi-culture and richly varied background, and her knowledge of European, Middle Eastern and American music. Randa was in a very privileged position to bring an extra dimension to contemporary Jazz.

You could feel that oriental lyricism and European elegance in her style, phrasing, the lyrics she writes and superb musical arrangements.

Dr Max de Lafayette-"Who's who in the world of Jazz" DECEMBER 2006
Randa possesses an endearing voice: delicate and sensuous with a profound subtle power

John Hollis – Astar, 2005
Soothing and smooth as a caress! Randa has the voice of an angel whilst being quite sensuous and alluring

Celeste Fraser Delgado - Miami New Times, January 2003
Il fait toujours plaisir de savoir qu’il y a des gens qui ont le courage, la candeur et la détermination de réaliser leur rêve! Randa avec son Pillow Talk a bien mérité notre “Coup de coeur”!

Marie-Josée Deschênes
- Jury Renaud-Bray, Montreal, Décembre 02
Who knew a Lebanese jazz singer could sound so good?
A heartfelt passion drives this young singer in a yet breath fully stunning manner

Paul Blair – Hot House, May 2002

Showbiz Time Magazine - February 2007

Showbiz Time Magazine – February 2007

Randa Ghossoub: A vibrant elan of world music.

Randa Ghossoub

One of the most delightful and meaningful talent discoveries of 2006. A great find indeed. Ms. Ghossoub added an extra touch to contemporary jazz; she blended it with Middle Eastern exotic charm, European intellectualism and elegance, a vibrant élan of world music, all together with an exquisite musical taste and tenderly vocal virtuosity. This young and captivating singer is the real thing. Ms. Ghossoub echoes this veracity when she said: “Singing is the union of the sound and the thought.” You add intelligent talent to romanticism, an authentic outcry of the inner feelings to distinctive jazzy improvisation and you will get a bouquet of superbly crafted and delivered songs and standards. And this is exactly what Randa Ghossoub did. She succeeded. The future is bright for this young bursting talent. Randa is the first Lebanese Jazz singer who immersed herself in this genre at an early age. Born in Lebanon, she is today the result of a real multicultural background.
Ms. Ghossoub is listed in the World Who's Who in Jazz, Cabaret, Music and Entertainment.

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